There’s no such thing as a small kindness

Your gentle reminder that: no kindness is too small, because no kindness is actually small.

So, last year I started a Ko-fi page partly as an experiment: I wanted to be OK with accepting money for my work, especially all the blogs and stuff I put out for free. I wanted to at least start getting past all my working class hang ups about money. I honestly expected to get about 10 quid, ever. Last month, Ko-fis bought half my groceries.

So two things: one, a HUGE thank you to anyone who ever bought me a Ko-fi – it never ceases to make my day and cheer me up, even if I am feeling v low. It makes me feel seen, appreciated, valued, and I am SO grateful. You might think, god, what difference does it make? It makes a big difference. This week has been shit on a lot of different levels, and the fact that someone took some time out of their day to buy me a virtual coffee feels like a lifeline thrown down a well. It’s not about the money – though, hey, I do love money – it’s about care. And kindness. And community.

And two: if you can, support whatever artists, creatives or charities or small businesses in whatever way you can – even if small. Buy a card. Share their FB status. Retweet them. Chuck a few quid into a Kickstarter. Review a book. Pay a few quid to download an album. Send someone you know a message or a card or cat picture or a dumb, stupid gift. You never know how it adds up – and, even if it *doesn’t* add up, how much it meant to the recipient. Especially in the coming months, when things likely to be SO, SO shit for so many people. The smallest thing you do for someone might be the biggest thing that happens to them that day. It might be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Guys, we’re all we’ve got.


Like my writing? You can support me in a whole load of ways (some of them for FREE!)

If you’re skint: RTs and shares always welcome. Reviews of anything of mine you have read on Amazon or Goodreads or any book related/social media site, no matter how short, help boost profile. Tell your friends how lovely I am.

Wanna throw some cash my way?

Donate to my Ko-fi. All the cool kids have one. (I am not cool, obviously, but have been assured this is true).

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If you want to read something a bit darker, I just re-released by earlier novel Doll and my short stories No Love is This. 


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