Cocktails in the post!

So, last week was pretty shitty for a whole bunch of reasons, not helped by the fact that for most of it I was laid up with migraines. But what made it bearable was the utter loveliness both of friends and strangers. I got a bunch of Ko-fi donations which never ceases to delight and amaze me (PEOPLE ARE SO KIND!), had lots of nice messages from / chats with friends – and this morning I got an actual cocktail through the post!

Skywalker cocktails are created by Under One Sky volunteers in partnership with No.3 Gin and Seedlip. Under One Sky is an organisation that supports the homeless, and the cocktails have been created to raise awareness of homelessness in particular in the hospitality sector – where low wages, zero hours contracts and lack of job security create precarious conditions. You can read more about their mission here and while you’re there, why not order a cocktail for a good cause?





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