The Enchanted Interior at the Laing

Despite still feeling fairly rotten with the festive lurgy, I dragged myself into town to Do Some Art yesterday. First up was the current big show at the Laing Gallery – The Enchanted Interior.

A show examining how women are often portrayed as decorative objects – another beautiful thing to be owned in a house full of lovely things – it is a smartly curated mix of older pictures (mainly Pre-Raphaelite) and contemporary works that both promote and interrogate that idea, looking at how the home can be sanctuary or prison. Informative captions, clever juxtapositions and a well-laid out space made for a compelling exhibition that was well worth the ten quid entry fee (alas, photography was banned, so I can’t post any pictures.) I was particularly taken with the Francesca Woodman photographs, and the Mona Hatoum piece.

The show runs till 22 February then tours. Definitely worth catching!


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